In the Temple of Words. Katkend luuletusest

Krista Ojasaar invites the old man and the boy on
what turns out to be a two-hour private tour of the
vast historic Estonian Literary Museum. As they

start down the long corridor the old man says,
„Good lord, this place is huge. How many people
work here?“ Krista says, „114, half are researches.“

Standing in the opulent hall, Krista shares the history
of the magnificent building, pointing out the intricately
laced and patterned wood work, designed by master

craftsmen, the gorgeous wallpaper, which looks like
it came right out of a castle from fairy lands, and then,
as they continue to weave in and out of rooms, with

researches hard at work, she tells stories of the
ghosts who live here. She shares the story of a
young woman, The Lilac Lady, who hung herself.

Krista points to the big hook on the wall the woman
hung herself from. Krista tells stories of those who’ve
been frightened by the ghost, including the account of

one man who had stolen money from the museum.
The ghost appeared and scared the man so bad he
shot himself. Krista says, „He died right here.“ She

points to a spot on the floor directly in front of them and
the boy quick-steps back. They wind their way through
the rest of the first floor then head upstairs /---/


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